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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A thank you to Laura Bush???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We here at Derrick’s Window would like to send a special thank you to Laura Bush. You have been one of the quieter “First Ladies” but there is one decision you made while occupying the White House that I must stand up and applaud you for.

August 14th 2005 you appointed the first woman of color to be Executive Chef of the White House, Cristeta Comeford.

Chef Cristeta Comeford is an immigrant of the Philippines coming to America in 1985. There are conflicting stories (depending on the source) on if she received her degree in food technology before or after she arrived in America but she did begin her studies in the Philippines. After building a resume in kitchens across the country and Vienna, she was recruited for the Clinton White House. In 2005 when outgoing Executive Chef Walter Schieb III, who had recruited Chef Comeford, retired he put in the good word for her to be his replacement. And so Laura Bush made it so…

Soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama recently announced that Chef Comeford was going to stay on as her role as Executive Chef for the Obama family. She appreciated the fact that Chef Comeford is a mother and recognizes the value of good nutrition for children.

I know covering female chefs is not normally my thing, but you have to give a sister her props when she deserves them.

So Congratulations to Chef Cristeta Comeford and Thank you Laura and Michelle!

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ReggieH said...

She also did well with the Book Festivals on the Mall in September...maybe she can stay and become Librarian of Congress while W goes home in Texas. We'll send her back to him on weekends if he gets lonely:)