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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paula Dean! First Chef!!

Well I was forced to sit thru Maury Povich and his Connie Chung for the first fifteen minutes of the show, boy those two are annoying. Then came the Dean boys, since this is a somewhat political post I will postpone my Dean Boys post show roundup. I set my timer today to see Paula Dean and Michelle Obama.

Paula set out on the road to catch up with Michelle on the very busy campaign trail. From introduction to end it was less like a cooking show and more like an easy interview. Clearly this was put together to further show what kind of wife and mother Michelle is. It was a joy to watch these two women in the kitchen just chatting away being nice and getting to know each other.

As they were preparing the double breaded shrimp they spoke of the children’s likes and dislikes food wise and how Michelle splits her time up between helping Barack run for the highest office in the world and giving the girls a normal scheduled life. I was particularly moved by Paula asking about Michelle’s mother and having someone there who would give their life for your children.

During the second half of the segment the two women made Cajun fries and spoke candidly about how Michelle and Barack met, their first date, and the one dish that Michelle made the first time for Barack and never made again. “I made the gumbo that one time, it had everything in it, lobster, crab, shrimp, I don’t know where that came from, I was really in love.”

During the whole interview...I mean segment Paula never once got political but in the end she made Michelle promise that if the Obamas make it to the White House in January that she be allowed to come cook all their favorites for them. Now maybe it was me, but I think that was Paula’s little thumbs up to Michelle. Now perhaps in a few weeks Cindy McCain will show up on Paula’s party. Of course we all know Cindy is a huge Food Network fan, she has stolen some of her best recipes from them…

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Brian said...

Damn, I knew there was a reason I hated Cindy McCain. She looks like Sandra Lee with her Semi-Homemade crap.