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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AIG ruined my Birthday!!!!! Part 2

It seems AIG had a “training meeting” at a resort in Phoenix recently. They met at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix in which no signs ,no media, no anything had the initials “AIG” on it. They said it was because they were cutting cost by having no signage. But we all know the truth, you didn’t want to get busted again.

I don’t get it, I have watched the CEO of AIG Edward Liddy on Larry King as he tried to explain away what happened. It was feeble excuse after feeble excuse about how the cost is not going to be absorbed by AIG and this was purely training to prevent things like sub prime mortgage bust from happening again. He also stated that many outings and meetings and such had been canceled already because of the fallout of the week long getaway back in September.

The pictures from the hidden cameras told a different story however. It showed businessmen sitting poolside sipping drinks and making calls (they were in suits), having a cocktail party, and of course there was the dinner at McCormick & Schmicks.

So let me get this straight, you cut cost by not having any signs with AIG on it but you went to McCormick and Schmick for dinner and met at a resort? What is wrong with Holiday Inn’s meeting rooms and Red Lobster with cheddar biscuits?

Mr. Liddy it is clear that your head is so far up your rich ass you have no idea what it actually means to go no frills. I understand Congressman Elijah Cummings is asking that perhaps you should step down. Well I have to agree with him. Your company has put it’s hand out three times in three months for my assistance and these are just the things we know about. I want to say that AIG needs some new leadership but the truth of the matter is it should just die. AIG is clearly to steeped in it’s own shit to do anything but drown, and take our money with it.

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Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Well said!
Do they just not get it, do they just not care?

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping to be in hot water again before the sun goes down today :)

Really enjoy your blog.