Why I have opened the window!

Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Monday, November 24, 2008

Window or Aisle seat?

It seems that the realities of the various situations are starting to hit home for some of those with big pockets. Last week Richard Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, appeared before Congress. He was joined by the CEO’s of Ford, Alan Mullay, and Chrysler Robert Nadelli as they sat with top hat in hand and requested a financial bailout t the sum total of 25 billion dollars. Too bad Congress saw them coming...literally.

The three big wigs all arrived in DC via their own separate private jets and they were immediately roasted by the panel of Congressmen like in flight peanuts. With the many transgressions of AIG and the egg on the face feeling many people on the hill have behind that fiasco, it was made clear very quickly that this was the very type of behavior that was unacceptable.

Well Richard Wagoner clearly got the message and his office has announced that when he returns to Washington next week it will not be in a private jet. No word on the other two of the big three but my hope is that they follow example.

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