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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Once Bitten Twice Gay

I am not sure where to begin. For those who don’t know because they have more important things to worry about (like real grown up stuff) Rihanna and Chris Brown are a couple. They were supposed to appear Sunday at the Grammy award and they both cancelled literally at the eleventh hour.

I had to put that in because until today I didn’t know any of this stuff.

Anyway Monday the police were looking for Chris and he turned himself in. He was later released but it as details leak out into the media it is becoming clear this is not going away. In cases of domestic abuse once the police become involved the charges are run thru even if the victim chooses not to press charges.

Now this is my own 0.02 on the subject of lil’ Chris Brown. There is almost no part of me that thinks Chris Brown is straight. I don’t say this out of some secret love or yearning for him, in truth I like my men fully grown and most of these little hip hoppers and rappers whatever don’t fit the bill. But Chris has always come off to me as just that gay kid, not effeminate just …gay.

I read a few reports that said Rihanna had not only been punched by she had been bitten. C’mon, he bit her (allegedly) I mean really? Up and down her arm. That is pretty much how girls (back in my day, today girls have a much greater martial skill level) fought.

Now the purpose of my blog. Domestic violence is a very serious subject and the reasons for it are still being studied, documented, and debated. But I will tell you one thing I do know for fact. Gay men who are not accepting of themselves or closeted or ashamed of who they are, are capable of many self destructive things. Domestic Abuse is just one of them, and while I am by no means trying to create a plausible excuse for what Chris (allegedly) did. One can say that this behavior is not unexpected and due to the climate of hostility of homosexuality in the black community a forgone conclusion.

So the next time you support a preacher who teaches hate, the next time you hear a kid being ridiculed for being a fag and a sissy or hey the next time you disown a family member for trying to live a life they are comfortable with, you are assisting in the destruction of the black community much more than homosexuality ever could.

He bit her…man oh man

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