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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Republican Votes and Starbucks


U.S. Representative Brian Bilbray
2348 Rayburn House Office Building
, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Bilbray

Caught your appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews Friday night and let me just say your looking well and rested. I enjoyed the interview/debate you had and especially enjoyed the part where you said the republicans did not vote for the stimulus bill because you were all called at ten minutes to midnight and informed there would be a call for a vote the following morning. Personally I blame Starbucks. I know President Obama has a full staff of kitchen folks at the white house and it would be naïve to believe that among the staff was not one coffee barista. Clearly putting President Obama at an advantage as none of the DC Starbucks are operating at that time of night.

And then to call everyone in the House at that time of night when Starbucks is not ready available and ask you to sacrifice a good nights sleep right before a extended holiday weekend because there is a national crisis. I mean yes people are losing their homes and being thrown on the streets and the unemployment numbers are higher than they have ever been. But to be asked to sacrifice a night sleep to do the job the people of California sent you to Washington to do. And on top of that to be asked to do it when there is not a single Starbucks open at that time of night. Trust me I checked, there are no 24 hour Starbucks in the DC area with the exception of the one at Union Station. But who can fault you for not knowing that, it took me a few phone calls to get that information myself and even then it closes between 2- 4 am.

The Republican response to punish the Democrats, the President, and of course the people of this country because you were asked to respond to a crisis and do your job outside of normal business hours is perfectly understandable.

Well that is all, I just wanted to write and send my support to you and the other Republicans that voted no on the bill because you were informed about it so late at night, and of course to tell you I understand that lack of Starbucks can stop you dead in your tracks.

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