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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Storybook Love.....

In honor of Valentine's Day I decided to pay homage to some of my favorite comic characters. My favorite couples from the Bill Willingham comic book fables.

First up we have Rodney and June. Rodney and June were both wooden members of the Adversary's army. Though it is very much against the nature of people carved from the magic grove by Geppetto and his assistants these two found each other in the midst of war. After a brief courtship they decide to write to Father Geppetto and request they are turned into flesh and blood so they can fully express their love for each other. The only price was that they had to become cutthroats and spies as payment.

Next up are Beauty and The Beast. Beauty took over as Deputy Mayor of Fable town when Prince Charming won the race for Mayor against Old King Cole. Beauty works side by side with he husband Beast who became Fabletown sheriff when she was appointed deputy Mayor. These two are the personification of be careful what you ask for but you just might get it.

Saving the best for last is the most unlikeliest of couples. The original story book princess Snow White and her second husband Bigby (big bad) Wolf. After working together just this side of three centuries these two were put under a spell by Blue Beard the pirate (see this book is very involved) and sent out to the wilderness where at some point they "get busy". After waking from the spell a few days later the two have to depend on each other as the fight for their lives against a murderous Goldilocks hellbent on their deaths. During the run for their lives Bigby comes clean about his love for Snow and she begins to warm up to him, until a few days later she finds out she is pregnant. After giving birth to septuplets (yes she had a litter) she and Bigby go there separate ways. But true love is rarely ended so easy and after a few adventures the two are reunited and given a whole valley for all their years of service to Fabletown. The couple lives in the valley with their seven children Ghost,Blossom, Ambrose,Winter, Darien, Theresa, and Connor.

So there you have it a readers digest version of my favorite fairytale couples. I want to wish all of those living their own fairytale love a Happy Valentine's Day and to those who find themselves single this time around, there is nothing wrong with loving yourself (no I didn't mean it like that!!!!)

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