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Sunday, April 19, 2009

You mean unattractive does not equal useless???

Let me go on record here “I don’t much care for the word ugly” especially when you are referring to another human being. In all fairness to my knowledge I have only ever referred to one person in the world as ugly, but if you knew this guy I think we would all agree. I only mention that one because it struck a friend of mine as odd when he heard it come out of my mouth. But I digress I don’t care for the word, mostly cause looks are subjective and who am I to put my terms of pretty on you?

So imagine my surprise when I was surfing the net today and over at Huffington there are all these stories about Susan Boyle and they are all calling her Ugly. Now my ego can handle a lot (truth be told I was voted a hot ghetto mess in one of those viral emails that went around but I survived) but if I went on the web one day and saw story after story about how ugly I was but it was ok cause I could sing, I am not sure how much compliment I would be taking from that, in fact being the slightly vain person I am I would not leave the house for a month.

For those still not in the know about Susan Boyle (yes you mother follow) she is the newest internet/British/American sensation. She is on the show “Britain’s Got Talent” there American Idol but geared way more toward talent than looks. This ducky can sing…no that is wrong she can SANG!!!! But she is not “pretty”. This apparently has baffled television networks.

I literally read an article today called “Talented Ugly Person Baffles The World”. I mean with a title like that how can she not be flattered. Again I digress the article goes on to say how all these television executives are having meetings about ugly people on the screen. They didn’t know that the unattractive actually had merit and talent. I mean why don’t you just take the girl outside and beat her with a stick!!!!! I am really torn here, I want Susan to do well but I don’t want her to be the poster child for “ugly” talented people.

But maybe this will get some more regular looking but extremely talented singers on show like American Idol , which I completely disavowed when Melinda Doolittle ,clearly one of the most talented singers to grace their stage, did not win.

In the end what so we learn form this? The search for beauty can be truly an ugly thing to behold.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is what's called a left-handed compliment. :-p

For the last time, the word ugly does not apply to Melinda. More honest words to describe our humble diva's physical appearance pre-Idol would've been average, ordinary or plain; but hardly the u-word! Melinda's journey, if you will, was not improving vocally, but gaining the courage to claim the lead spot for herself after supporting so many others from the background for so long (and learning to dress the part with hair and make-up worthy of a red carpet entry). Speaking of red carpet-worthy: have you checked out her official site at www.melindadoolittle.com? Lots of updates on her debut CD, blogs, photo shoots and more!

Lastly, take a lesson, internet-dwellers, from Forest Gump's Mom ("Stupid is as stupid does") - Beauty is as beauty does; and Melinda, Betty and so many more tagged with the u-word are bee-yoo-tee-ful! ;-)

ToddyEnglish said...

I loved this post. It honestly brought a tear to my eye. It is a sad day when someone who doesn't fit what is percieved to be the "norm" in terms of looks and style is subjected to such animosity and ridicule. People are behaving as though this woman will not see any of this footage or publicity. They are acting as though she had ZERO worth as a human being until she started singing...
It really sickens me how shallow and narcissistic our society has become.

And I don't care WHAT Melinda looks like. Uhm, bitch can sang!

eazy.e.da.mvp said...

agree with both previous comments. that's like when someone says "you're cute...for your size" or "you're STILL cute, no matter *insert negative comment here*".

and yes, Melinda Doolittle can SANG!

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

To the anonymous poster,

I don't think that Melinda was perceived as ugly per se, but there were many jokes about her not having a neck or being a lesbian...I'm glad D brought her up because we have that here all the time.

You know the season Melinda starred on Idol, she clearly should have won.

As for Susan, I'm happy she is getting some recognition, but I agree with DJ that it's sad she's become the poster child for all the folks who aren't among the "beautiful people." Then again, what really is beauty???

Louise7 said...



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