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Monday, June 01, 2009

Thanks but no thanks

Bryan Singer said in a interview today that he would like to return to helm another X-Men movie. Singer was the director for the first X-Men movie as well as its sequel X2 X-Men United both produced by Fox studios. Singer was not around however for X-Men 3 the Last Stand opting instead to tackle the Superman relaunch.'

Bryan feels that X-Men is a part of him and he has at least one more in him, Personally I say thanks but no thanks. This is not because I didn’t enjoy his movies in fact I did enjoy both his entries in X lore. However I think his superhero movies are a little too cerebral and his does not include the action (which sadly was the only thing Ratner had going for his X-Men movie.).\

Perhaps someone like Jon Favreau, who directed the Robert Downey Jr. movie Iron Man could take a crack at it. He seems to be able to find the right balance of action and story.

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I can see it both ways