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Friday, June 05, 2009

University shuts out successful restaurant

“ Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop — the South Side restaurant that future President Barack Obama touted on a 2001 episode of WTTW-Channel 11’s “Check Please!” show — will close its Hyde Park location June 7.

Its lease runs out at the 5225 S. Harper Ave. location June 30.

Owner Carol Andresen said she will offer some of the restaurant's dishes at sister restaurant next door called Calypso Cafe.

Andresen also owns Dixie Kitchen restaurants in Evanston and Lansing.”

I used this blurb in the opening of this post to get out the information not with the President as the selling point. Before there was Dixie’s Kitchen there was a “Chance’s Are” where I remember as a youth throwing peanut shells on the floor and being fooled into thinking that my kitty cocktail was a real drink.

I don’t remember how many years Dixie’s was in business but I remember having business meetings there, I remember having dates there, and taking out of towners there. I think the last time I went we wound up having a conversation with some people at the next table about the food.

The restaurant is closing because the University of Chicago wants to spread out some and is closing Harper’s Court. Harper’s Court is a beautiful section of Hyde Park where at one point in time you could go to the movies, or sit outside and watch the old guys play chest, or hear somebody playing the drums. It was in every sense community and no the businesses are being closed up for purposes unknown.

Sadly I won’t be able to get back to Chicago in time to visit Dixie’s one last time to have some Johnny cakes, shrimp and corn fritters with jalapeno jelly, jambalaya, or fried green tomatoes.

My fat soul died just a little today!

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