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Monday, May 18, 2009

Can you re-imagine II

Can you re-imagine?

I loved the old television series “Bewitched”. It had magic and it was funny. The characters were real and honestly who didn’t love the idea of a mother in law who could actually cast an evil spell on you. Plus there was that whole gay uncle thing who was a screaming queen but never said a word. So when I heard it had made the small list of at that time shows being remade I was a little excited, till I saw who was starring in it. Now I have always pretty much been indifferent to Nicole Kidman, but I have never really had an appreciation to Will Farrell. He was part of a long list of cast members of Saturday Night Live who emerged from what I called their “Toilet/Frat boy humor cast. In the years since he left the show my opinion of him has not changed (though I will give him his props for his George W. Bush).

The only bright spot to the cast was Shirley MacLaine and for awhile I thought about checking out the movie just for her. Then the reviews came out and even Shirley was not enough for me to sit thru two hours of Will and company butchering a classic show. Even turning it on its ear as a deconstruction of the show and making a show within a show was not clever enough for me. By the way the movie cost 85 million to make and only made 131 million world wide. It only made 61 million here in the states so between the box office and the critics the movie was a flop.

So in the view of a flop what do you do, why give him a second chance at another remake of course. Advertising started this weekend for the upcoming movie “Land of the Lost” a classic by Sid and Marty Kroftt re-imagined by Will Farrell and company.

The original premise of the series was about a father and his two kids who get swept up thru a dimensional gate during a weekend camping trip into a prehistoric world where they have to learn to survive.

This new movie is about a disgraces paleontologist, his assistant and a macho tour guide who find themselves (I don’t know how) in a prehistoric world where they can make jokes in order to survive.

I smell something in the works but I don’t think it is a hit.

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