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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Child Knocker Outer!!!!!

I like kids, or better yet I like well behaved kids. Of course with all the liberal laws preventing spankings and parents wanting to be their kids best friend, well behaved kids are far and few between. While in truth I don’t agree with this device cause I think parents put a lot of fear on their kids when dealing with doctors and such, I do like this device for any little bad asses who might come by my house and I can’t put my hands around their neck for not behaving.

“This device, called the PediSedate, was invented to calm kids down before a scary medical procedure. The helmet connects to a GameBoy that the child can play while a mouthpiece slowly blows nitrous oxide gas into the child's face.

Invented by a doctor who had seen far too many kids freak out before medical and dental procedures, the PediSedate is intended as a medical tool. But I wonder whether it will suffer from the same prescription creep that Ritalin did, and start finding its way into classrooms where kids "get scared" before school.”

Again science gone to far. You start strapping this on kids, how long before adults are next, and then it becomes mandatory to mental patients and the old in retirement homes. Are science is way faster than our morality.

Story courtesy IO9

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