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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grumpy Old Geeks!

Seems like I am full of questions today. So I have to ask myself if I am becoming that which I promised I would never be a grumpy old geek. Anyone over 30 knows what I mean by this, we promised we would not be like our parents, we would not tell our children to turn that music down, we would not say things like “all that moving around is making me tired sit still”, we would not predict the end of the world because they were not doing it like we did it (whatever it was) and we would not judge their media outlets as crap and wish for the old days.

But more and more everyday I find myself doing all those things, especially the last one. In the past few years there has been a new trend on an old street. Remaking, reimagining, ret conning, and revamping my movies and television shows.

To their credit sometimes the “re ing” of the show is really really good. But most of the time it has resulted in an expression of “Why?”

So today during my news hunting I went to one of my favorite geek pages “Sci-Fi wire” where I read a story about the upcoming remake of “Clash of the Titans”. Now truth be told I did not just find out about this remake, but with the amount of geek knowledge I posses some things, especially those that are upsetting, don’t get retained. So the piece goes on about the monsters that will be featured in the remake of the 1981 classic.

It also talks (reads) a little bit about the new Persues and how he was approaching the role. Now here is my issue, other than being grumpy and old, “Clash” is a great movie for it’s time in fact it was the 11th highest grossing movie in 1981 so clearly folks liked it. Mythology is vast and huge, if you want to do something why not continue the story, tell a new chapter, it just seems like Hollywood is full of people right now screaming “Oh I can do that but like fifty times better!”

Well I don’t want you to do it better; I want you to do your own. Hey are Titans after all, can’t they clash more than once? Leave my Coco cola alone, I don’t want your new coke (which tastes like Pepsi). “I don’t want more choices I just want nicer things!” Poor Harry Hamlin has gone from being Persues to being the old Persues. Maggie Smith and Burgess Meredith all but forgotten.

Ok grump over…you may continue remaking my greats into just oks!


Wonder Man said...

I hate that they are touching Clash

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Now brothers, we're all about the same age, I think, but I'm curious to see whta they might do with this new venture. It might just be good, just like BSG was. Now if it falls victim to Bionic Woman's fate, well, then I owe you both!

DJ, thank you for reminding me Dame Maggie was in Clash. I completely forgot. LOVE HER!