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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taking the bull by the balls Part 2

A few random thoughts about gay Marriage.

So Prop 8 was upheld by the courts today in California and the gays are up in arms. I wonder just how long it will take for them to blame the President for this. I had a conversation with a friend today about Prop 8 and gay marriage and I told him at some point how tired I was of this conversation (not with him just in general).

In an earlier post I asked if gays thought that being gay was their ethnicity and nobody was able to convince me otherwise. So today when reading about the California Supreme Court upholding prop 8 I read all these stories comparing themselves to slavery. I find that so very offensive. Apples and Oranges people.

The “gay” community is mostly white; now that is not to say that all gays are white, just that most of your advertising and your numbers are geared toward white gay men and women. When you see the face of gay America there is very little color in that picture. So I find it odd that this group wants to identify with the civil rights fight when they are one of the most inclusive least diverse groups running around. Case in point… The groups fighting against Prop 8 in California, a state with a 35% Hispanic and Latino population waited until a week before the vote before printing any of their literature in Spanish.

The religious right does not want marriage to be “redefined” because they don’t want folks hoarding in on their racket. Marriage at its bases is about property ownership. Check the 16th century when only people who, sorry only MEN who owned property. The poor didn’t get married, not in the legal sense that we know today. Also if marriage was simply about “God” then why do you need a marriage license? If you want to fight an injustice then by all means fight the whole injustice. The entire marriage system as it exists in this country today is flawed; let’s fight to overhaul the whole thing instead of just screaming how something is not fair.

And finally the next time I try to get into a “White gay club” please don’t ask me for three pieces of ID or treat me like I don’t belong. (see Civil Rights)

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uglyblackjohn said...

The movement keeps messing up with it's presentation.
The wording in the Loving v. case makes this a civil rights issue - not a Civil Rights issue.