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Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd.....The new Susan Smith

There is a joke that runs among black men of all shapes, sizes, descriptions, and locations. It is not a funny ha ha joke it is one of those funny ironic truthful jokes. The joke is “Well you know you fit the description!”

What is the description you ask? Here let me tell you … I was (some violent crime committed against me) by a black man. He was (various height) and (various weight) and he was wearing a hoody and a starter jacket.

Back in 1998 Susan Smith killed her kids, drowned them in the family car and screamed Black man did it! Charles Stuart in 1989 killed his pregnant wife and screamed Black man did it! Now we have Ashley Todd carved up her own face and cried Black man did it, and he did it for another black man.

Let me just say this story was fishy from jump, again I think it was one of those cultural things where you just need to know how folks think. No black man who has just robbed a white woman in the United States of America is going to stick around to see her safely to her car. No black man who has done anything to a white woman in this country is going to stick around. It is not in our DNA.

Since very early on from the time both blacks and whites walked this land together, there has been a fear that black men will try to take ,touch, fondle, rape, look at their beautiful white women. This clearly set up a system of power that white women had over black men back in the day. There was no he said she said it was do what missy said or she may scream rape and then you and the boys (you know those boys) will be separated.

So from a very early age in this country black men were taught the poor white women had over them. As time went on and cultural rules became laxed we grew out of some of these things in public, but still to this day when the white woman screams Black man did it, whatever it may be, it is time for all black men, no matter their shape, size, and description to get in the house and under the bed, cause you are fitting the description.

Since I have started this blog it seems that every other post has had a racially bases to it. I have never considered myself that person, but clearly the politics of the day has set my inner Black Panther afire. Ten more days huh??!!!

So here is my question for debate, how do we every move on when this stuff keeps happening? When the playing field is not even and we are not all subject to the same rules?

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uglyblackjohn said...

If you look at the comments when this "news" was first reported, most Black bloggers were compassionate but skeptical.
It odd how this political season has opened everyones eyes to the persistant problems with race in America today. I think all bloggers have become accidental activists.