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Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let's travel thru time and space to an alternate reality...

October 2, 2008 Washington University of St. Louis. The first and only 2008 Vice Presidential debate has just wrapped up. Candidates Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin have just thanked Gwen Ifill for moderating their debate. The scene on the set is one of peace and calm and everyone is basking in the glow of a great debate.

The media room is a different story, The pace is frantic, there is hustle and bustle, folks are speaking into their blackberrys a mile a minute and fingers are flying across keyboards in an alarming rate. What has everyone in such a frenzy you ask? Well it seems that as some point during the debate Joe Biden turned his back to his opponent, looked out into the America, jams his thumb over his shoulder referring to Governor Palin and refers to her as “That One!”

The pundits and media are all over it. “More lipstick on a pig.” ” Does the Senator not respect women?” “He is calling the work of women and the eighteen thousand cracks in the glass ceiling into question!” “It’s the lack of respect shown to Hilary all over again!”

The Obama/Biden campaign repeats over and that there was “no disrespect meant.” But nobody can stop playing the sound bite where Barack says “Lipstick on a pig.” The Democratic Party brings Hilary out to defuse the story and she does a half hearted attempt saying “I can clearly see where some might think Senator Biden was being disrespectful, but really it was more of an “Old Man reference” type of thing.

People become confused because clearly this financial crisis happened on the Republicans watch but can you put a man in the VP office that holds such contempt for women? We can’t focus on those real life and death issues because men and women are clearly divided. Women are up in arms, every time they go on television and say how upset they are by this they are told by men that they are overreacting and blowing things out of proportion. Now men are becoming condescending and the struggle of women throughout the ages is being spat upon. “You’re a man, how can you know what is disrespectful to a women? How can you even judge that? Walk a mile in my high heels then tell me that was not a sexist remark!” For the first time in a long time all the women on “The View” agree.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tale of an alternate universe. As we all know this never really happened, but just think what if something like that did. One group of people getting upset over a slight and another group telling them there blowing the slight out of proportion. People not trying to see something from the other group’s point of view. But this is after all America where everyone’s views are respected and taken into consideration, which would never happen here right??!!!!!

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