Why I have opened the window!

Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today's Favorite Photo Train Wreck!

I got this one from Eric over at We OpED


Don said...

Hilarious @ Sarah Palin's train.

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah, that Thomas the Train pic is funny (and true).

Seda said...

Take a ride on the Obama Express!


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Obama -- Slick, trendy, fast.

Biden -- Steady, reliable

McCain -- Ancient, but kinda nostalgic

Palin -- Too funny to be serious!

Laura J. said...

That ain't right. ROTFLMAO