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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it...

Lets ask the experts (Part 1)

As many of you know, of late the McCain/Palin rallies have seemed to turn into out and out hate fest. Whipping the audience into a frenzy with the question “Who is Barack Obama?” followed by talking points that rev the crowd up in a fervor, which has led to folks yelling “Terrorist” and “kill him”.

Today John Lewis came out with a warning that things were looking all too familiar to him. Since his early 20’s John Lewis was taking political stances, from the march on Washington to House of Representatives, this southern native has witnesses America thru 3 very important parts of its history. Born in Nashville Tennessee in the early 40’s he was there for the beginning of the southern civil rights movement, he worked and fought in the fight for civil rights in the 60’s , and he continued on to see the after effects of the struggle even to this day.

So when someone who has literally witnessed first hand, the divide this country has been thru when it comes to race, one would think we would all listen. John Lewis has compared the McCain/Palin attacks in their rallies of late to the campaign tactics of George Wallace, a former Governor of Alabama who ran fro President 7 times. It was during one of these races that George Wallace created such an atmosphere of hate and segregation that it resulted in a church bombing killing 4 little girls in Alabama.

John McCain is apparently outraged at the comparison and feels it is a character attack from the democrats. The Republican Party has requested that the Obama camp issue a statement denouncing the claims of Rep. Lewis. I am sure most of you have seen McCain’s attempt to tone down his supporters, who came in to the rally already turned up so high, that the booed him when he tried to speak fairly over Obama.

As I post this in the various places I post I am sure I will receive (as I have the past few) comments stating that these things are not racially motivated. So before you get ready to hit respond let me ask the question to all my non readers of color. Excluding using the “N” word please tell me when it is ok for Black people to think that something is racist? I mean I know that racism is geared toward us, we live with it every day, we toil thru it when it happens to us. It clearly this does not seem to qualify us to call it out when it happens. So you tell me what the criteria is? Or better yet, tell Representative John Lewis, the 68 year old black man born in the heart of a segregated America.

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uglyblackjohn said...

It's not that the cries of racism from Blacks aren't based in truth. It's just that when it comes from someone white, other whites seem to listen.
IMO - we should just sit back and let the Palin/McCain ticket hang themself with the noose they've tied.