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Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The lettuce of the Elite!

So in preparing to watch tonight's historic debate I turned on MSNBC's show Hardball. Chris Matthews hardball host was sitting in with Senior Advisor to John McCain Douglas "McCain invented the Blackberry" Holtz-Eakin. When Chris asked him what stragety Palin was going to take tonight he stated that "Sarah Paling is a real Middle Class citizen and that was her strength as oppose to the democratic candidates who are only faux middle class". To bring his point home he stated that one of Obama's favorite meals in Arugula. when Chris asked Douglas what arugula is he answered "well you know it's a very fine.........."

If you are gloing to promote elitism and food you should pick food that you actually know , not just something that sounds fancy. So tomorrow I will be sending Douglas Holtz-Eakin a email and a picture with a defination.

Arugula, an aromatic salad green, most popular in italian food. Lettuce ladies and gentlemen......lettuce!

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Let's kick back by supporting Obama's policy initiatives, particularly his call for universal health care.

Most of us support Barack Obama, but do we support Barack Obama's push for universal health care? Would we go a step further and say that the Government should provide health care, at least when the insurance companies absolutely refuse to do so?

If so, do we agree that if we could get the insurance companies out of the mix (they might just become bankrupt like Wall Street, with everyone's money, and then need a bailout), then getting insurance companies out of the mix and providing care directly would be more efficient and much more cost-effective?

After all, does having "insurance" really "ensure" or "assure" you of very much of anything, except bureaucracy, aggravation and arguments, when it comes to health care? And a mailbox full of letter about what was covered and what was not, and how much you owe in spite of already having paid this "insurance company" ten thousand dollars that was deducted from your paycheck?

If you support universal health care then please post the Afrosphere Action Coalition "National Health Care Now!" widget, which informs and leads your readers to a petition in support of universal health care.

It also shows the insurance companies the "high esteem" we have for them, by proposing a system in which they have no role at all, and never once using the word "insurance" in the entire text. In my opinion, Americans don't want "insurance". They want the assurance that they can access quality medical care when they need it, and they've been told that paying for "insurance" is the only way they can be "assured" of seeing a doctor and getting medicine when the need it.

I would be a rich man if I could find a way to earn thirty cents for every dollar that is spent at American supermarkets. How about "supermarket insurance"? You pay me to "cover you" when you are hungry, and then, if I believe you are hungry enough, I will give you permission to go to the supermarket? And for this you pay me thirty cents of every dollar that you otherwise would have spent on food!

Of course it requires an enormous (and enormously expensive) bureaucracy to review each American's decision to go to the supermarket, but that's what I'm here for! That's why you pay me thirty cents on the dollar for all of the money that could have been spent on food in America!

If that doesn't make any sense to you at all, then please adopt the Afrosphere Action Coalition's National Health Care Now! EasyWidget that takes you and your readers to the Petition demanding National Health Care Now!

Unfortunately, some few "progressive" whites may be reluctant to support this effort because it is led by Black people whom they don't like. Those "progressives" don't realize that unless everybody works together we are never going to get universal health care in this nation. And so, we progressives, Black and white, will be compelled to break the color line, if only on this issue, whether we like it or not.

When you show your support for national health care right before the election, you are reminding people of why it is so important that Barack Obama and not John McCain be elected president. Like the "economy", health care is about 20% of the American economy and it' s really in just as much of a "crisis" as Wall Street.

But because the crises in your wallet and in your child's aching tooth don't have any lobbyists in Washington, Wall Street gets a bailout long before your high blood pressure or mammogram do.

But, isn't it too early to start worrying about national health care, before Obama is even elected? Well, aren't the lobbyists already paying our representatives in Washington to assure that universal health care never happens?

The news media keeps telling us that this election is about whom we most trust to bail out Wall Street. Is that REALLY going to motivate minority and working class voters to go to the polls in November, or shouldn't we also remind them of something that is going to help THEM?

If we want universal health insurance, we'll have to work for it as early and as diligently as the insurance companies and lobbyists who are already rallying to oppose it (or sharpening their knives and pens to carve out an even bigger piece of our economy for their greedy and callous selves.)

Please post a widget leading to the petition.