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Sunday, March 15, 2009

AIG ruined my Birthday!!!!! Part 4

Though it seems so much longer it has been exactly 6 months since the economy officially took a nose dive and we the tax payers of the United States got into the bank bailout business. Anyone who has been on my blog for the last 6 months knows how I have struggled to keep my blood pressure in check whenever those three little letters AIG are mentioned, usually because it is followed by some shenanigan. One thing about them, they continue to not disappoint….

The top executives at AIG will be taking home bonus checks totaling around 65 million dollars. These “retention” bonuses were promised last year and are necessary in order to keep the cream of the crop put at AIG; otherwise they may pick up and move to another bank/financial institute down the street. After a lot of back and forth between Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and AIG CEO Edward Liddy it was determined that these bonuses had to be paid so that legal action was not brought up against AIG by employees for breach of contract. It has also been determined that the US government has no legal stance in which to keep the bonuses from being distributed.

So essentially the same people who ran AIG into the ground and helped cause the modern day recession not only get off scot free but they get paid for doing the bad job that got us here! Now maybe it is just me, but that only makes sense in Bizarro opposite world.

I am pleading with everyone who reads this to do more than just get mad, I need you to do something. Included in this email is a website. The website will give you the website of each and every state representative that you send to DC to work for you. PLEASE!!!!! We need to write, email, call, send smoke signals…whatever it takes to get the message across that Wall Street can’t keep pissing in our faces and telling us it’s just rain, while they laugh themselves silly with our money. Tell them that we did not cough up 170 billion dollars that we didn’t have so they could party, entertain, and continue to live high on the hog while we continue to cut back and scrimp and try to make ends meet. Tell them that if they have no legal standing on how our money is used then you know what, we just need to have our money back.

Find your Representative.

Full story with all the disturbing facts.

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