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Monday, March 30, 2009

Home made Television! Ahhh the drama!!!!!

There was a point in time when I did not own a television. Truth was I didn’t need it, I had my computer. At some point in the last three years pretty much every show I watch regularly was available on the net. Somehow I was able to get use to that much quicker than I was webseries. Don’t ask me why, it makes perfect sense. The internet has put your average Joe on the same playing field with Hollywood, but I still seem a little hesitant about them. However I came across one series a few weeks ago that might be changing my mind.

The production values are not the best (some sound issues and swinging boom mikes) and they don’t have a huge budget but the stories are solid and the acting is believable, and in the end isn’t that what you really want?

The series I speak of is “Drama Queenz”, a new comedy webseries about three actors and roommates dealing with life, love, and auditioning in New York City. The show is produced by a company called Novu Novus productions. Because I have nothing else to compare it to I have to put it in the same genre as “Noah’s ARC” from logo, but much more enjoyable. Like I said the stories are solid and are much more believable than it’s higher produced contemporary.

From the Drama Queenz press release:

“Each ten-minute webisode focuses on Jeremiah, a dreamer with ridiculously poor audition luck, Davis, a perfectionist whose hard work produces uneven results, and Preston, a realist whose inhibitions stir-up delightful “drama” for all to enjoy. Through madcap auditions, burgeoning romances, and heartbreaking realizations, the trio from Queens takes viewers on the zany rollercoaster ride that is the actor’s life.”

If you get the chance take a an hour and half pop some popcorn call some friends and check out the eight episode first season and send the production company a thumbs up. You’ll be glad you did!

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