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Monday, March 09, 2009

Prince of Persia (America)

From time to time I have enjoyed the applause of the stage. I have slipped into a persona not mine and tried to get in touch with that character and let them speak thru me. That is part of the nature of acting. However as we all know acting has very little to do with what comes out of Hollywood these days. It is all about celebrity and who will bring in the numbers.

I suppose that is why with the soon to be release of the video game to big screen adaptation of Prince of Persia, nobody felt they could take the chance in hiring an actual Persian actor. After all they might be hard to understand, or maybe there was nobody that fit the bill. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some tool (other then a calculator) that would give you information at the speed of light? Information from all over the world, something that would throw a large “net” over all the information out there where you could perhaps find some Iranian actors. Oh well until something like that comes along I will just post a few pictures.

Here is Jake Gyllenhaal in pics from the upcoming movie “Prince of Persia”

And here are some Iranian actors I found on the internet that I thought maybe could have been in the movie if it had been made anywhere else in the world.

Majnoon Leyli, Perjman Bazeghi, Homan Seyedi, Hamed Behdad, and Heroes Adrian Pasdar


uglyblackjohn said...

It seems that they could have learned something from Slumdog.

Anonymous said...

yeah...i fell out of my chair laughing when i found out about gyllenhaal and prince of persia...way to ruin the game...