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Amerykah has turned a corner and we should all turn with it. I have thoughts ideas and suggestions but I also have patience and desire for us to be whole and one. I have been speaking a lot lately of the human condition and the generations of Black Americans. i will entertain any and all conversation as long as we can be respectful and grown up. Let the healing begin......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG ruined my Birthday!!!!! part 6 "Monkeys"

I was a little nervous about putting references to monkeys in this blog entry but then I thought, hey if anyone accuses me of calling someone out their name I will just add myself to the “Sorry” list. But I digress….

Amid my slight fever yesterday I managed to tune into CSPAN and watch Ed Liddy be taken to task by congress over the AIG bonuses. As the proceedings went on one thing became very clear. If I were to trust Ed Liddy (yeah right) then every adult I encountered growing up has lied to me. See I had always been taught that “One monkey don’t stop no show!” But apparently that is not the case.

As Mr. Liddy continued to defend the 165 million in retention bonuses he made it quite clear that the same people who twisted this Gordian knot are the ”only”
people who can understand it and the only people who can untie it. They are for all intents and purposes irreplaceable. In other words all those old black folks whose knee I sat at and took in life lessons were wrong; one monkey can indeed stop a show.

Apparently blackmail is only illegal everywhere except Wall Street.

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