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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chuck Todd The real red headed step child

Is Chuck Todd getting on anyone else’s nerves?

I have to say that since the folks at MSNBC took Chuck Todd from behind the digital map and made him Sr. White House correspondent the bloom has fallen off that particular rose. I am the last person to say I dislike someone for doing their job, but unlike Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, or hell even Bill O’Riley of on farce news Todd is not being paid to be cynical and snarky, he is being paid to report from the white house and to get us the information we need.

His question at President Obama’s press conference Tuesday night was laughable. “Will you be asking American’s to make sacrifices?” Ummm hello Chuck, you’re a reporter, how can the current state of the economy and the suffering of Americans have escaped you unless you have your head firmly wedged up your ass? Even when the President gave examples of how people were sacrificing days at work so co workers would not get laid off you still didn’t seem to get it.

Today the President held the first ever “On line” town hall meeting. One more attempt he is using to make the White house seem more open and give us the people, who don’t have your press credentials, a voice. You however come on ten minutes after it ends and you refer to it not only as some stunt, but you are self centered enough to believe the administration is doing this to get past the press.

I hope when MSNBC picks his replacement they give they check to see if the next Sr. White house correspondent has his finger on the pulse and not up his nose. (It can’t be up his ass, which is where his head is!)

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